Is there a way to grow roots naturally like in the following video?

Germination Of A Seed (Time Lapse) - YouTube

Also here

One thing i tried is the ivy gen addon and animating the start & end mapping but that doesnt “grow” the branches naturally because the branches are all seperated (curves can’t have branches i guess).

This is how the animation looks right now. As you can see the little branches “grow” at the same time as the “root branches”. If that makes sense to you.

I also tried a skin modifier on some extruded vertices plus the build modifier but that doesn’t work.

You could try the same thing using M-Tree …it has a dedicated Root node…so should be able to animate the nodes, if not by itself you could try adding into the animation nodes add-on…

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Hey, There is the painful way of doing it, you have part of that right, you do animate the start/end but what you also need is a ‘taper’ object with a shape key that is animated and a ‘bevel’ object with shape key animating size. Put that all together correctly and it is pretty convincing - but it is a pain to set up more than a couple curves.

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