Is there a way to have shadeless mat in solid mode in viewport?


Is there a way to have shadeless textured material in solid mode in viewport?
I’ll use box blueprint and it will be good to have shadeless mat for it.

It’t was so simple in 2.7.

Thanks by advance for your advices.
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You mean Render Properies → Render Engine: WorkBench and Lightning: Flat ? Okay it’s in rendered mode…

Hello, thanks for the response.
I’ll try the lighting flat in shading panel (I’ll use cycle and solid mode) but the shadeless in this case is for all the scene andd I’ll would like to have the boxbluprint shadeless but not the model in front.

I’ll would like tu use it only on my boxmapping (material). In blender 1.7 in mat properties there is the option shadeless it was so simple.

There is an option shadeless in import image plane but seems not work(in solid mode). I’v have always the shading by default .


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Sorry i was a bit quick. Ah yes you mean the 2.7 setting Shading → Multitexture/GLSL → Texture Solid. But for me in 2.93 the Viewport Shading → Material Preview seems to be pretty flat.

The shading options in solid view are for the entire scene, if you need variation on a per-object basis you can use material preview and make your material shadeless (emission shader).

Oh yes what i did not tell: left viewport, right cycles and textures was with shadeless shader setup from import images as planes. Now in front with pure emmission as @Hadriscus suggested:

Thanks for the responses.

I’ll try with material previews, it’s work but…the backface culling don’t work and it’s hard to modeling with it.

I’ll stay with the solid view despite the shading.

Thanks for your help, I’ll hope the shadeless by material come back one day in solid preview.

It is not blocking but it would be good to find this option again.

Best regards.