Is there a way to have the texture be mirrored along the UV?

I’ve got this texture here from Smash:

And the way it’s handled in-game is if the UV coord is from (0 + N, 0 + N) to (1 + N, 1 + N) (where N is an even integer), it uses the above texture normally. Otherwise, it’s flipped:

And that’s what I tried in Blender.

Unfortunately, due to how interpolation works in Blender, I end up with this:

The blue border to the left isn’t much of a problem to me (because that’s how it is in-game), but the crack that happens due to interpolation isn’t wanted.

TL;DR Is there a way to have the texture flip every other UV square (i.e normal 0,0 to 1,1, but the texture is flipped 0,2, 1,3) without having the interpolation “bleed”?

With hope,