Is there a way to lessen harsh transitions in normal bakes?

I seem to be having some issues with baking at high poly to a low poly mesh. Here are some examples of what I’m working with. I’m practicing with a simple soda can.

TLDR: is there a way to remedy harsh shading transitions when it comes down to baking normal Maps

It seems around the edges that I’m having issues where I’m seeing low-poly detail that has been baked onto the smoothed low poly. Is there a way to remedy this or am I going to just have to live with it?


It’s also weird because when i turn the model around, sometimes, those errors do not show

(I would post more pictures but apparently. I can only upload one :frowning: )

Thank you guys for helping me out I haven’t done much baking yet.

it’s baking rays missing the edge target , typical for cylindrical forms. Could be lessen with cage tweaks and extra loops around the edge (removable later) but I’d rather just bake bevel shader based corner rounding in those areas.

It never gonna be perfect and always a trade off in such areas

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Do you perhaps have an example of what you’re suggesting? I can’t seem to get it. In fact, I think I’m making it worse by trying to troubleshoot it. I appreciate you trying to help me.

Hi @TLAN_Art,

be sure to set the colour space of your image input node to Non Color for normal maps - you can only do this after you have saved the image.


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Thank you so much I really appreciate it. I cannot begin to say how much I appreciate it I was going crazy. This is totally the solution.

If you’re still willing to give me a little bit more advice, it still seems to be cutting off harshly at the seam near the top soft bevel.

I can totally work with this by getting rid of the seam completely but, do you have any knowledge of how I could go about getting rid of that harshness without getting rid of the seam.

If not, that’s totally cool I truly do appreciate your help.