Is there a way to make a new operator preset for export options

Is there a way to make a new operator preset for export options? It really pisses me off that when I export an .obj model it always chooses the default blender export preset. Sometimes I forget to change to a rational preset and I accidentally export with the default presets i.e. “useless for exporting single objects preset”. Then I waste an hour baking the model in Xnormal only to notice that I forgot to change the export options to the ones I always use.

Is it possible to change the default operator preset for exporting .fbx and .obj files?

2.73\scripts\addons\ class ExportOBJ
2.73\scripts\addons\ class ExportFBX

These contain mentioned presets in almost plain text. You should be fine changing False to True where you see fit and saving files.

Thank you very much.

I decided to digg up this old thread since this would be a feature that greatly enhances speed. It is very unintuitive to make a custom export set-up only to have it default on every new export. The fact you can select a preset makes it better but we should be able to set this preset as the default.