Is there a way to make a plane have two sides without solidifying it?

Simple cursed question nobody wants to answer

You could always just duplicate and translate it.

edit: also if you are avoiding solidify because it produces a rim there should be an option to disable that.

Please, next time you do your best to better explain what you want to achieve.

If you are referring to material, you can use “Backfacing” attribute in Input → Geometry node to control “Fac” in Mix Shader node.

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the problem is that i dont want solidify, as it creates additional planes. the engine im going to be uploading the mesh to has a problem of clipping planes that are close together (and mine have to be so) @YAFU
i just want the same old planes, but with two sides. is this possible?

Occasionally, neither the solutions provided nor the answer “No.” are what you wanted to hear.

It happens.

If you are importing a thin-surface mesh into another engine you have to handle it’s shading in that other engine. This is not a blender question then. You are asking in the wrong forum.

Someone might still be able to help however if you specify what that other engine is. A game engine? Which one?

Also it’s become clear that this is not a modeling question so the tag is likely wrong as well, but that’s a minor issue.

EDIT: or you could do this :
The video is a more complete explanation of what YAFU said upthread. Pretty slick really.

Original comment:
Usually there’s a way to pull off such shenanigans in the Material node editor of an app, it involves determining the normal direction, and if it’s going the wrong way, ‘faking it’.

Depending on how good your engine is on the other end, this may or may not work, in terms of translating a blender Material to your engine. Might be better to solve it on the other end, if the Material doesn’t transfer.

EDIT: or you could do this :