Is there a way to make light affect only a certain object?

Hello people, Is there a way to make the light affect only a certain object?
I am working on an interior scene and i want to make a point lamp affect only one object in the scene, is there a way to do that? Thanks.

You want a render layer. Create a new layer and name it and then while inside that layer in your outliner right click on the light and object and include your light and your object and any other lighting you want in the new layer and from the base layer exclude them. Render away

But won’t that produce 2 renders?

Render layers, or I think blender is calling them view layers now, treat anything “included” as something that will appear in the same space but the objects themselves will be their own respective layers which are automatically combined in the render view so if it’s a still and you just save it out it’s like it happened on one layer without compositing. You can google more about blender render view layers in 2.8 and you will quickly find a video showing how to use it

Ok, nice, I ll try it, thanks for the help!

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