Is there a way to measure an edge length from viewing perspective?

Is there a way I could get Blender to give me the length of the line as it looks from one particular orthographic view only - as seen on the left side of the screenshot (marked in by me as 2.0) rather than the lines physical length, as marked in by Blender’s ‘edge length’ button.

I’m basically trying to find a way to display the z-axis distance between 2 verticies, without including the other axis distances.

I’m 99% sure I’ve seen this exact functionality on a screen or option somewhere in Blender, but never thought anything of it as I’ve never needed it until now and I can’t for life of me remember where it was.

Thanks to anybody that can help.


Yes there is. In edit mode and with edge select activated, select your line, then in mesh tools more select draw edge length. Voila!