Is there a way to mirror pose quickly?


I’ve been doing a waling cycle which requires me to mirror half of the animation to the end of it to accomplish the complete cycle, I normally achieve this by copying the poses of my bones in each frame and mirror pasting them onto the other half of my animation.

Is there a way to actually do this faster, without having to copy and mirror each one of my poses in each frame? :confused:

Thanks in advance!

Use the dopesheet. You can multiselect and copy and paste groups.

I believe what you want to do is copy the keyframe itself and then mirror it. Im not sure but i think what you do is click on the keyframe and then press ShiftD to duplicate. Go to duplicated keyframe (put it on right point in timeline) and click the mesh and armatures if any (yes you can animate without armatures) and then click S to scale click X and then click -1. That should do it.
For better understanding, what you did was you scaled the object ACROSS the x-axis -100% or -1 times. (scaling=along axis, rotating=around axis, location=along axis)

@Jutomana: I think I didn’t explain myself correctly, if I do that, it actually mirrors the whole thing, what I’m currently doing is mirroring bones in an armature that is built symmetrically (humanoid so to speak). So, for example, if I move one bone on the left arm in 60º and use de Paste Mirror option in the 3D Window in Pose Mode, it gives me the other arm in -60º.

@thedaemon: I’m using 2.49 but I guess that can be done in it, but could you be more specific, I know I can paste my keyframes to paste them further with just a Shift+D and a mouse movement and snap to frames, what I’m trying to figure out is the next step, mirror all copied poses and apply them to the frames.

OH that. I really can’t tell u how to do that except find a way to see how much ur rotating the armature in degrees and then do the inverse on the other side. One thing to try is say click R to rotate one arm and then type 60 to move it 60%. Do the same to other arm except type -60. OTher than that i don’t know any other way to do it. (y won’t u upgrade!? >.<)

Ok, well I don’t think there is a faster way to do what you want but I could be mistaken. To sound harsh I just think you are being lazy. If you want to mirror some poses, fine copy and paste mirrored. If you want to do groups of them use the dopesheet (I assume 2.49 has one but it’s been a while!). The mirror pose function is just that a single pose function. It’s not meant to mirror lots of poses afaik.

Here’s the approach I would take.
1)Create main poses, copy and paste mirrored the second half of my cycle.
2)Copy and past the whole frame range as much as needed with dopesheet.
3) ???
4) profit!

ps) Why not upgrade? 2.58 is very nice and has lots of improved animator tools.