Is there a way to move objects already in a video?

Is there a way to move objects already in a video? Like for example take a video of my driveway with a person trying to lift a vehicle in it and then in Blender make it so that a person lifts the vehicle’s bumper off of the ground. Is this thing even possible without adding a 3d-model of a car?



The person should be lifting something (heavy) to get the right movement, might want to show the wheels drop when the weight comes off the springs, and have the camera positioned so that it doesn’t reveal the illusion with wrong perspective if the car doesn’t actually get lifted. Otherwise yes, especially against a clean plate.

Sure it is. But you need to shoot two identical shots with same camera view and angle. In the first video should be only you sitting in the car and in the second video - only your friend who lifting kind of invisible object which is will be your car. Then you use the masks to cut yourself out together with your car of the first video and place it in the second video with your friend lifting something. Then you just animate first (already masked out video on a black background) which you can place onto the plane by using images as planes addon. So just animate that plane rotation. You also may have to animate the path of your mask where the hands of your friend are, because those hands are gonna be partially obscured when you place the plane on top of them. Thats if you wanna do this in Blender. But i would do this in After Effect because its faster and easier. In After Effects you just animate the layer rotation instead of using planes.

Likewise, I’d suggest that you start by filming a “clean plate” … the empty driveway.

Then, with the camera locked and before the sun has had a chance to move, you could film your friend pantomiming the “action” of lifting a car.

Then, put the car in exactly the right spot (measure it – see below) and film it. Measure the dimensions of the car.

You might consider having him hold some kind of object in his hand, such as a properly-sized piece of lumber that is painted – say – blue. This should be a very distinctive, pure color that is not otherwise present in the scene. You’re doing this only to “give him something to be holding on to,” and so that you can accurately color-subtract it. Make sure that the actor doesn’t wrap his fingers around the board.

If you need to “add weight” for realism, make the board long (well to the left and/or the right of the car), and hand sandbags or whatever off of it. (You can “garbage mask” these things away, if they’re sufficiently distant from the car.)

You need to be using a DSLR camera, not “a phone,” and you need to carefully write down everything: the height of the lens above the ground, the distance from the lens to your friend, and the distance from the lens to the back of the driveway. The dimensions of every object in-frame. The f-stop, the length of the lens.

And then, yes, you’ll need a digital model. This model’s dimensions must exactly match those of the car. It will have to be placed in 3D space at exactly the right spot relative to the similarly-matched camera. And this model must then be animated, probably frame by frame.

Beyond that – (shrug …) – “a few evenings of very-careful compositing.”

Not necessarily to use 3D car model. He could just cut it out by using masks or pan tool and animate 2d peace of image