Is there a way to offload the hidden objects in the file so they don't eat the ram?

I want to sculp high-res character, but I can’t subdivide the whole character at ones, so I had split it to many parts,
the Problem is even after splitting it the other meshes in the file eating the ram although I had hide them.
is there a way to offload the hidden objects in the file?

Move them to a different collection and turn the checkbox for that collection off to exclude them from the view layer. This should do it

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I had tried this but they still loading on the ram

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Yes.,. because there are still part of your file… and as such the load into ram
So you may save the parts into different blend files ?? and join them afterwards…


May I suggest something radical? Why don’t you create a file for each part and link all of them to a single one? There you can use the addon “edit linked library” to edit each part separately.

In the end, you can join them all.


yes, you are right, and I already planned to make this, the “edit linked library” I think will make its easer, it’s strange I didn’t hear about this addon before.
I just didn’t want to make many files for the same project, but it seems to be the only way at the end.

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They are just temporary. Until you edit that.

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I thought there is a less messy way to do it, something like zbrush it handles every object separately in the same file. but of course, blender work in a different way.

That’s the reason why ZBrush can charge it’s price… it’s very good on handling this amount of data… and i don’t think this is messy… it needs some more management by the user… it’s all a tradeoff: money or time… and which costs more in the end… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


in BL 3.3 is there a way to use proxy objects ?
may be a video tut or tut showing how to

this did exit in old 2.79 ect…

happy bl

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Yes… but see :

Proxies were the historical way in Blender to allow some local editing of linked data-blocks. This was mostly aimed at character animation.
They are now fully deprecated as of Blender 3.0, replaced by the new Library Overrides.


And the possibilities for “edition” are VERY limited. You can scale, rotate, move, enable and disable from the viewport and render, but you can’t edit the mesh or change materials…

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