Is there a way to paint normals in Blender like in Softimage

I recently saw the Guilty Gear talk at GDC 2015 and am trying to achieve a similar 2D look in Blender, though one rough part I’m running into is editing the vertex normals of the model. I found this video on Softimage painting the normals

and was wondering if there as a way to do something similar or achieve a similar look in Blender

Well it is possible, but I have not seen such a normal painter, looks pretty awesome.
But have a look at the blend4web addon:
also the built-in Normal Edit modifier
and this video by Daniel Kreuter:

and maybe the Y.A.V.N.E. addon, though it might not be as useful for this particular use case.

Oh and I just found this, if you haven’t seen it:

not sure how accurate it is (didn’t watch the talk) but maybe worth a look.