Is there a way to pin the start of a bezier curve to one face, and to end at another?

Basically I’m trying to make a rubber tube for this model I’m designing.

And I want to connect two circular pads to each other using the tube.

so basically

how do I pin the start of a bezier curve to a face,vertice or edge?

and how do I pin the end of the curve to another face,vertice or edge?

thanks in advance for you advice

How i would do it:

create hooks for both ends of the curve. Do this by selecting a curve end, press Ctrl+H and choose to New Object. This will create an empty which can control that curve point. Do the same for the other end.

Next, create 2 vertex group on your mesh that will be used to control the ends of the curve (actually, they will control the empties, which control the curve ends).

Last step, add a Copy Location constraint on BOTH empties that control the curve. Set the mesh as the target and the correct vertex group.

Additional, you can do the same with a Copy Rotation constraint

Sago! Your explanation rulez!