Is there a way to play a preview in game engine

So what I want to do is make a quick little “trailer” that plays after a while of staying on the menu screen. Pretty much every game has this…

Assassin’s Creed Rogue: Staying at menu screen will show an assassin preparing to kill another one.
Pokemon: Just shows starters, rivals, etc.
Legend of Zelda: Shows the world and its characters

Now I kind of like that idea, so I want to jump at it for my menu screen. I do not have a Blender file so if you could just walk it through for me it would be great.

Just note I already have a good idea on the code to make it happen. I want to know how to make the video appear so it can be watched.[INDENT=18]Thanks,
Shadow Pro[/INDENT]

You could design a realtime cinematic, which would be interesting - if the menu interacts with the cinematic (even if it’s only axis tilt) it adds some depth. It also avoids the need to pre-render a cinematic, and the horrible quality difference if you used higher-poly models.

It does require animations, of course.

If you do want to use video, then you can use VideoTexture to play a video file in realtime onto a texture (or directly to the screen if you prefer, more complex), with audaspace to play the sound. This requires Python.

Do you think you can tell me how I can do it with Python?

Shadow Pro

This is exactly the same as your normal game. The only difference is that you have much less input from the user. (This is often called “cutscenes”).

As there is not much variation to input, you can add some effects that would make problems when the user input needs to be taken into consideration. You can have different camera movements, several scene cuts, synchronized music with animation, authored camera focus, … .

How to do that?
As said, it is the same as in your game … just with programmatic input. Basically you turn your avatar into an NPC (including camera control). If you use Python, logic bricks or whatever does not matter.

Well, I know about cutscenes and I have a lot of them planned and inserted in the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m talking about a little preview in a delay of non-response. However, I may just do a little cutscene of Blackburn doing something. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a simple example of an idle detector.
idle.blend (85.1 KB)

To make cinematics or cutscenes you can use keyframe animation for the camera and then play back that action in game using the action actuator triggered by whatever.