Is there a way to remove a particular constraint from every selected bones?

With the effort you’ve put into this thread, and your experience in writing “complex software for tens of thousands of users”, you could have written this very boutique script already.

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Jeez, what happened here x) ?

But seriously I just made some code that looped through every selected bones constraints like manuDesk, should’ve maybe post it here since there might be others with the same problem :v

Anyways I’m with manuDesk on this matter. It really feels like it makes more sens that if you choose have multiple objets selected that the program should assume that we want to edit or share common attributes.

Meh, now I need a script to remove them from… Objects
I’ll post here if I find one

> import bpy
> for o in bpy.context.selected_objects:
>     for c in o.constraints:
>         if 'Limit Distance' in
>             o.constraints.remove(c)  # Remove constraint

Most users are, including the developers themselves. As manuDesk eventually found out its on the roadmap (see the link he posted).

Don’t make the mistake of attributing the attitude of the most argumentative and mouthy blender users to its general user base.

manuDesks initial surprise and confusion at the lack of it in Blender is understandable. Blender seems so capable most of the time that its easy to assume it has no edges as rough as this one.

The constructive manner to deal with that is, in my opinion, to just acknowledge the shortcoming: Yes, this could definitely be better. It is a goal to eventually have it in blender, its just not there yet. Here are some methods that I, as an experienced blender user, employ when I have to deal with this challenge. Be it a script, an addon or a workflow tip.

Worst case; acknowledge there is no good/efficient manner in which to deal with it. At least this will allow the user to count their losses, throw some elbow grease at the issue (it usually just takes more time) and move on without wasting any more energy on it.

That approach usually resolves the issue at hand quickly.

Clearly that is not what happened in this thread. However I wouldnt interpret this thread as the blender community not wanting multi-object properties editing or everyone expecting you to code it yourself. That is really not the way things are. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Folks… it comes to this: This is a thread in the Support categories. It’s not the place to vent, ask “why”, or suggest feature changes to Blender. It’s the place to get support so folks can get work done.

This topic of multiple-object editing has come up before on the forum. Please search out those threads, read them, and continue discussion there if you find that you have something meaningful to add. This thread really should be about solving a problem… and as far as I can tell, that’s already happened.

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