Is there a way to repeat tile an Environment Map?


Let’s say you have an environment map, that wraps around the sphere of the world environment. Is there a way to make that map repeat more than once around the circumference, so if the map had a house in it, you would see the same house to the south and to the north?


This was my attempt that doesn’t completely solve the issue, but I thought I would still answer:
(the sun is in both directions, look at the sphere to see the other one)

It doesn’t stretch anything, just adds two hdris facing in opposite directions. You may have to alter this to get a desired effect. You can also make a colour ramp to fade both together at the middle, using the separate xyz from the generated coordinate.

But what I recommend instead is to make a single hdri with both houses, then you will not have to worry about setting up nodes for it.

Thanks! for it to be a true tile you would need to scale the image’s X down to 50% too though, right? SO each repeat of the image only covers 180 degrees, together, 360.

The scale section of that mapping node will allow you to repeat the HDRI… but… You’d have to create a half-hdri which is still seamless for this to work.

Hi Yogyog, i tried the scale on the mapping and it doesn’t work in the way expected! I think there is something very different between scaling an environment texture and scaling a texture UV mapped onto an actual sphere mesh!

I think the whole image is wrapped around on 360 Degrees around Z axis!

not certain if this can work but did you try to repeat the image in an image editor and see if it works as a modified HDRI !

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Just tried that Ricky, it doesn’t work. Maybe its just not possible! Thanks though.

did you use a high res one or the low res one which are simple image and not encoded n HDRI !

last year
I did some modif on a simple image jog I guess use as enviro map
and it did work

but this was not the BIG HDRI coded as such

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look at this thread he did some stiching of image for an equiangular one
might work

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