Is there a way to reset the interface in Blender 2.5?

(blockrocker) #1


I’m still taking my first steps in the 2.5 interface and I feel quite lost at times. It doesn’t help the situation, that I seem to manage to do strange things to the UI panels and can’t find certain things anymore.

The question is, can I somehow tell Blender to reset all the panels to the state they were in when Blender was downloaded in the first place? Loading up an old project seems to bring back the weird panel issues, so a simple restart doesn’t seem to work. Can I reset the interface so that it stays untouched also when I open old projects in to it?

I didn’t find anything with google so I would really appreciate any help on the subject!

(Richard Marklew) #2

File / Load Factory Settings. If you want to save this as default press Ctrl+U
If you don’t want to load the interface of old files when you open them, in the file browser window deselect the ‘Load UI’ tick box. You can set this to be unticked by default in the User Preferences panel.

(RickyBlender) #3

Ctrl -N


(blockrocker) #4

Thank you both very much!

(ricardo.roehe) #5

Life saver! =]