Is there a way to rotate,scale and translate pixels along with UV faces?

So lets say you have multiple UV maps on different images for different parts of a mesh, you need to move them all into a single image, but your textures are done and you don’t want to discard the image pixel data or have to manually move it around.

Is there a way to “pin” the image data to the faces so the image is updated to match the new location of the UVs?

I guess it would be something like baking materials into textures, except using the image texture instead of the material color.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

Yes, you’re on the right track. To get one single consolidated UV image, unwrap the whole thing to create yet another UVTex. Then bake an image for it.

I don’t think I am following you, if I unwrap again I lose the previous UV data, then I wouldn’t be able to bake the image with the previous UV data. I not very familiar with Blender yet, so I would probably need keystrokes and/or menu directions.

I don’t think you can have multiple UVs per face vertex or can you?

Thanks again.

sure. each UVTex is a whole different set of UV points for the unwrapped vertices. I think you want to do a texture bake (click here). .

Yes, looks like thats exactly what I need, thank you, I need to learn more about UVTex.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: