Is there a way to search for missing textures?

I have been reorganizing my hard drive and I am now having to re-link some texture files as the location has moved.

Is there a way for Blender to scan my drives for the missing files?

Also, I am noticing that after deleting some things from a scene, their texture references remain. I notice this mostly with the Character Creator characters that I import into a scene then remove or change character. The deleted characters textures remain in Blender and there are a lot of them :frowning:

Thanks in advance for any advice. :+1:

Not sure about finding the missing files although I’m sure blender has a “find missing files” command somewhere. Is it under edit tab?

With images and textures, if they are no longer used by an object they should have a 0 next to them showing that they are not assigned to an object. If so you can delete all of those, then save and reopen the file and they should be gone. If they are still assigned somehow then the 0 won’t show.

Find Missing Files might help


Thanks, I have tried that. It says there are missing files and cannot be packed. I have also used these utilities too but some files still remain for some reason. Even though if I run those utilities again it says all data removed and cleaned or something like that.


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I am not seeing this. Where would I look for the list of images?

Maybe have a look at:

Outliner → Display Mode : Orphan Data

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You are mixing up two things here. If you have reorganized your hard drive then pathes to the external files like textures may be broken. Another thing is if you had things used internally in blender and then deleted it from all available scenes. Things like orphan data and clean up options all relate to the latter. ( Thats in principle blenders pendant to the windows recycle bin)

But for your problem you have to use only “Report Missing Files” and “Find Missing Files”. Report gives you the list to examine and Find will update the pathes internally by comparing the folder you gave it and the list of missing files. If the textures are spread among several folders you have to choose every new involved folder once. If the missing list and the folder have elements with the same name it will update those.

But for that the names of the textures have to match or it wont be able to solve it for you.
If you not just changed the folderstructure but also filenames you have to fix it manually by going to individual entries in eg materials and rechoose the correct textures from there.

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To get rid of unnecessary image / texture files:

Open up the image editor:

Select the image that has 0 users: (notice the 0 before its name)

Hold shift and press the x to delete (notice the message)

Now save your file and reopen and the file will now be removed from your project

Not to sound stupid… but where do I find these?

I am not seeing any 0 before names in here. I know this item is no longer in the file as the character has been deleted along with the jeans. The reference has stayed with the file even though I used “Delete Hierarchy”.


Maybe I totally messed this file up. Saving seems slow as heck now. I removed all the furnishings to a base house. The file kept having issues with all the added items. I just need to get rid of all that extra data that was left behind.

You can see it on the screenshot Joseph posted above. ( File Menu → External Data)

Hmm. I think you can assign a fake user so they don’t get deleted, these won’t show a 0 (but this might just be for materials) perhaps that’s what has happened.

Thank you for posting this. My eyes are not what they use to be :wink:

I am searching the entire drive for where I moved everything. The little blue circle is spinning. Fingers crossed. Thanks again :smiley: I will update when this process finishes. :+1:


Between the cleaning and the “find” feature I think I have this cleaned out. Only one file left to track down. Everything else seems to be gone that was deleted.

Thanks all for the help. :smiley: