Is there a way to see individual vertices in weight paint mode?

Hello friends, I see that Maya’s weight painting mode allows you to see the vertices. Is there any way to do that in Blender? The default weight paint mode in Blender doesn’t show the vertices like in Edit mode. I can assign weights precisely in Edit mode, but I can’t see the changes in real time, which is rather annoying.

Entering wire mode (by pressing z) while in weight paint will should help. It doesn’t show the vertices, but it shows the edges (which where they cross indicates a vertex).

Thanks! Now I know where to paint.

I’m not totally sure what you’re after, but switching to vertex mode (‘v’ for me, or the second icon to the right of “weight paint” mode select) displays your verts. Selected are white, unselected are black. I always paint in this mode anyways because it lets me limit my painting.

As for seeing changes in real-time, viewport enabled modifiers (like an armature modifier) ought to be displayed in weight paint mode, so your armature will update as you change weights.

Oooh! bandages’ solution is even better! thanks!