Is there a way to see packed textures names and remove unneccery textures/materials?

Hi. I have a question. Do you know if there is a way to see the names of files that are packed in the blend files ? Or maybe manage them? Maybe there is a plugin for that ?
The same goes to materials and textures that are loaded to the buffer. Is there a way to manage them easily by deleting unneccery materials/textures? The most common way of getting rid of them by saving the file when the material isn’t in use isn’t a convinient method.
Any ideas?
Maybe someone could mention it the dev team if you know them. Maybe they will consider to change it a bit or somewhat.

Not yet.
If you go to ‘Outliner’ > Blendfile > find your texture/image, RMB there is an option to ‘Unlink’. But it’s not implemented yet.

Oh. Thanks
I packed the textures and keep getting an error that one texture can’t be packed. I need to get rid of this irritating message