Is there a way to set shape key back to basis shape on only part of the mesh?

If I have a face and have a shape key that consists of a morph for the nose and lips and later need the nose to be set back to the basis shape and leave only the changes to the lips, is there a way to do that, please?

Thank you.

Yes, just create a vertex group for the portion you want to effect, then below the shapekey,under “Blend:” choose the vertex group you want it to effect.

…After doing that in the little black triangle menu you can choose new shapekey from mix, and it will create a new key that only affects the part you’ve chosen.

As an alternative, you can select the shape key and in edit mode select the vertices you want to revert, then from the menu ‘Mesh ->Vertices -> Blend from Shape’ you chose Basis and amount of 1.

Thank you both!