Is there a way to set up 2 textures to show on opposite faces on the same polygon?

For example, you have a single plane, and you have a grass texture on the top, and a ceiling texture on the bottom, is it possible?

I am doing a cloth simulation, so extruding the object won’t work.

That’s kind of a tricky one. If it were me I would bake my cloth sim then duplicate the object. Set each object to only render one-sided and flip the normals on one of them.

Is that the only way!? :open_mouth:

If so, can you please explain how I would do that?

You can make double-sided textures with the material nodes. Set your two textures as input to a mix mode. Add an Input->Geometry node, and connect Front/Back to the Fac input on the mix node. Output of the mix node to an Output node and you should have double-sided.

does this work only in cycles? Because I am using blender internal

I tried it, it works! Thanks man, you really saved my day!

You can use material Nodes to do double sided material. Attached is a blend file with it setup.


MultisideUV.blend (121 KB)