Is there a way to stop the search function in Unfold?

Is there a way to stop the search function in the Unfold script from searching indefinitely when it doesn’t find an unfolding solution? Why didn’t the creator of this script put a button to halt this in case that happens? Some sort of cancel - look for key press routine? Is there a way to forcefully stop the execution of a script through the console to be able to stop this script when that happens? :confused:

Hit CTRL+C in the console! :wink:


Well I used Ctrl+C in the console and it does work but only sometimes. Sometimes Blender just crashes. So one can use it but it is still better to save your work before attempting to use the search button, it is still a risk. Does anybody knows why the creator of the script didn’t put an error handling in this? Is it that difficult to modify that routine so it looks for a key press to cancel the execution of that particular script routine? I just wonder if the creator tried and it gave him any trouble but as far as I know it shouldn’t be too difficult for somebody with Python knowledge to fix that.

Anyway thanks for the answer. :slight_smile: