Is there a way to swap models as the camera gets closer? (LOD like in games)

So I have a scene with 75,000 objects (same model, 2 arrays basically) but it’s kind of slow already, even in wireframe mode, and the model isn’t even finished, I want/have to add a few thousand polys (multiply that by 75,000) plus textures.

I want to see if there is a more efficient/less taxing way to do it. Not sure if this is even possible in blender, but the solutions I had in mind were:

  1. somehow tell blender to only calculate everything that the camera sees (and hide everything else, to free RAM and not crash/freeze/slowdown)


  1. Replace the high res models with low res versions if the camera is x units away from it, and as it gets closer, it subs out each object with the hi res version. (kind of like LODS/models in games)

Some challenges are:

-Even the versions of the models that are far away are in shot, so I can’t completely hide them
-I could delete/move them as soon as they are out of the shot to free RAM, but it’s gonna end up being 100s of thousands of objects in the end. (not realistic to do it manually)

good news, it still manages to run at 5fps in wireframe mode. (thanks Ton and team)