Is there a way to transfer python v3.0 to be used in UPBGE?

I have projects done in 2.78 but, want to upgrade to UPBGE but, it doesn’t work.

find the gripes in the interperter / errors and fix em 1 by 1

indeed look into the console for errors you need to fix, and keep in mind upbge is buggy as well (depending on what you use)

I use upbge to the fullest, I don’t see many bugs but I am on windows,

report bugs you see, they fix them :smiley:

Then you ain’t using libload! :stuck_out_tongue:

Think i need to rebuild and restart my project from scratch again(and i don’t like that), due to bge has halted me due to parenting problems, upbge halts me due to libload not fully working, also something with the keyboard.inputs/mouse.inputs that is not correct, and already told them last week(no reply yet) but hey, it’s my fault right. everything works like a charm in bge (except the parenting issues) in upbge (after altering everything to their standards) it works like crap.

Worst thing is, first topic you find about libload there, they say you shouldn’t need libload, well that’s a ridiculous answer, no libload no loading screens!!.

and i’m on windows as well, don’t need server OS as my main OS lol.

I actually build my terrain from tiles, (copies of the same tile) and my buildins are all constructed using building kit instances, we also have the mesh editing api for adding / removing vertex in GE_Mesh_Builder

this sort of kit bashing is much more friendly performance-wize then lots of unique geometry

however you need to make a considerable framework to be able to build with them in the viewport or in the game engine…

as for inputs and state machine.
State_machine_added_melee3c.blend (1.1 MB)

this is pretty close to what I run but I have not setup joystick input yet

and yes I have avoided libload in the past in bge and upbge as it always used to crash when cycling LibLoad libFree.

about the loading screen - you load tiles per frame and their contents.

Yes, I’ve seen and following your progress, with your sculpt terrain etc, and really great work, but i can’t use that. Simply because my game is designed around libload and i’m also not looking to make an open world type of game.

the state machine could bee a nice addition if they would implement it as ‘add object type’ shift+a add the state mechanism(however i like to write my own).

Blender had Libload fixed long time ago, i load in levels(.blends who then load in some assets .blends) on the fly, never crashed on me. so that is not an issue in blender itself, AND upbge team panzergame + lordloki fixed that in upbge as well, SO that’s a big plus! but still some issues left like the next_frame() part when libload is ready, is actually called before loading is ready 7/10 times, so that’s a downer.

ps, you char slides down from slopes

here a slope check that i wrote could be handy in many occasions:

def on_slope(cont):
    own = cont.owner
    # shoot a ray
    distance    = 1.5
    z_direction = own.worldPosition.copy() - own.worldOrientation.col[2]     
    ray         = own.rayCast(z_direction, own, distance) 
    # grab the hitNormal or create a dummy one (z direction)
    if ray[0]:
        hit_normal = ray[2]
        hit_normal = [0,0,1.0]  
    # grab a z vector
    z_vec = own.worldOrientation.col[2]
    # calculate angle between hitnormal and the z vector
    angle = z_vec.angle(hit_normal)
    # convert to degrees
    degrees = math.degrees(angle)
    # debug option
    #own['slope_angle'] = degrees
    # if we get some degree then we are on a slope
    if degrees:
        return True
    # if we do not have a degree or it's 0 then we are not on a slope
    return False

use this function like this:

if on_slope(cont):
    #the usual applyforce 9.8 here etc.
    print('wow i am standing on a slope, can easily adjust climb speed or add some icy effects to slide of em')

will return a boolean

yeah my own version actually rides a ray :smiley: and my planet gravity is sphere

if i remember it correctly @Daedalus_MDW has made a controller input setup, maybe an idea to implement that into the state machine.(no idea how it’s like, controllers are for consoles so i did not look into it(die hard keyboard+mouse fan! haha)

Haha that’s also a way to do it ^^

I have already done joysticks in the past - I just have not hooked it up yet :smiley:

Closing thread due to a huge amount of flags. Ill look into it soon and take actions accordingly.

Alright try to keep on topic. I see no need to delete or split comments