Is there a way to turn on Backface Culling in 2.5?

As the topic says, is there a way turn on backface culling in Blender 2.5?

I find it nearly impossible to model what I’m trying to do now - a cave. Same things with interiors. Getting really frustrated at the moment.

I think your talking about limiting the selection in edit mode to only the visible polys and so on… Next to the point, edge and polygon modes there is a button that can help you.

Don’t know if there is a shortcut, but this may reduce your headaches.

Thanks for the reply, but it’s not what I’m searching for. Backface culling will do so you are only able to see one side one the normals, like when you turn on Blender’s Game Engine. I know a lot of other 3d-softwares having this feature, can’t see any reason why Blender would let it go.

Please, find I solution, I would make my life sooo much easier!:cool:

In view properties (N key) set shading to texture face or multitexture and set display mode to textured. Or when you check also “textured solid” you’ll get the same effect in the “solid” display mode also. It’s not preciesly eneabling the backface culling, but you’ll get the effect.

Thanks Duffator, but there is still some troubles.

  1. I can’t see my texture for some reason.

  2. Worse, the wireframe of the polygons which faces aren’t displayed are still visible and selectable.

Isn’t there a script or something that will do the trick? I my point of view this is necessary for more then one situation. Someone who is good with OpenGL coding or something other must be able to do figure it out.

In edit mode all faces are visible and it’s independent of normals direction.
You can select faces you don’t want to see and H-key to hide them and then Alt-H to unhide.
That’s the way to model interiors.

@jawra Not what I expected but it will works fine as long as there isn’t any backface culling available in Blender. Thanks!

One more problem under the same topic:
Hidden polygons are only hidden when I’m in edit mode with the current object, is there a way to stay invisible in object mode?