Is there a way to Undo actual changes only (not selections & playhead-movements)?

Is there a way to Undo actual changes only (as opposed to undoing every selection and playhead-movement)?

I’ve pondered similar questions to this, and as far as I am aware, no; there is currently no way to cull certain types of operations from the undo/last operation list. I find this same issue gets in the way of ‘Repeat Last’ being a valuable tool, since changing selection becomes the last used operation, itself.

It’s tricky, though. The undo system has been a point of contention in Blender for years, and for good reason. It’s a fairly complex topic, which requires much forethought and planning, both to setup a default, but also to allow flexibility for updates or customization. And as such, there are many different opinions on how it should work. Perhaps 2.8x will usher in changes which make the system superior to our current paradigm. Maybe there’s already a branch/addon which supports some of what you’re asking for, but I’ve never found them when I’ve looked.

Yes, I understand that, and I agree. I just hoped there were some hidden option somewhere.

That would absolutely awesome! I literally spend hours every day tapping “Ctrl Z” (and then Ctrl/Shift Z when I go too far :)).

It’s doable for stills, but it’s really time-consuming for animations because you need to run through the movie again and again to test out new edits.

And each time, you need to Ctrl-Z 20 or 30 times in order to go back just 2 or 3 edits. And you can’t just speed-tap Ctrl Z like 25 times in a row to get it over with because you never know exactly how many playhead-movements Blender includes in its history…

CTRL+ALT+Z will show your undo history. You can’t select individual actions to undo, but you can go back an arbitrary number of actions in one click instead of doing CTRL+Z 10 or 20 times.

You can set Global Undo steps and memory limit in User Preferences.

More here:-

Whoa, this is beautiful! Now, I can just skip those fifty 'Change Frame’s in one go! Thank you very much, organic, that’s extremely helpful!

EDIT: I feel like an total idiot for not knowing this. :frowning: This is changing my life, haha!

EDIT 2: This feature should be mentioned in every beginner tutorial IMHO. It’s changing my entire feeling for Blender. I mean, it’s an awesome Undo-function and pretty much the same as PhotoShop’s (which is great). Wow.

EDIT 3: To make this even better, it would be great if the Undo History could be open permanently, or as long as desired.

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