Is there a way to use blender animations as desktops

Or does any one know of an open gl program to create animated desktops for windows os?

Also, I downloaded and tried a thing that was set up like a game environment as your desktop. Instead of having shortcut icons you could have shortcut objects. Like rocks, or things in different rooms however you set it up.

Is there a way to do that with blenders GE?

Thanks much.

VLC will let you loop any movie as your desktop background - so just use a Blender animation of your own making. To enable this, you need to switch on the wallpaper DirectX module in video settings and play the file (switch on looping and minimise to system tray).

Here is VLC:

Not done using OpenGL or the game engine but it sounds like what you want. Ask if you need help.


Wow, I forgot I asked a question here. Thanks very much for the answer, I will check that out. Great great great.