Is there a way to use the fluid simulator and game engine to make realistic gore?

I have tried using the fluid simulator to shoot large amounts of liquid out of small openings but all attempts ended in failure. Something wrong always happens like: for starters I am unable to make water go through such fine sized cuts and gashes or maybe the water will just phase through the entire object completely or the water comes out too slow no matter what I set the inflow velocity to. I was hoping to be able to use the fluid simulator, game engine and shape keys to make it look like a cartoon characters head is exploding due to 3 slugs from a shot gun and to create any type of gore from knife cuts to explosive decapitations. I’m probably just doing something wrong, but what would you do?
Any tutorials on this somewhat odd topic? I could not find any on youtube.

I had the same problem trying to pour champagne slowly into a glass. I think the issue is that when the fluid emitter is very small - close to a drop of water, according to the real world scale, it wants to behave like a drop of water, that is clinging together with eloctrostatic forces and flowing, drop by drop like a leaky faucet. I would try increasing the size of the fluid emitter (and the inflow velocity) and then scaling the other parts of your model up to make the stream look small.
As for the gore you need to be a bit more specific or provide a screenshot / drawing of what you’re going for. You could use another fluid sim, with the viscosity closer to oil or honey to simulate blood.

Here is a quick bake which is a half assed attempt using scale to make the fluid look smaller. I haven’t really sold the pipe, but you get the idea.