Is There a Way to use the Scene Camera to Render Both a Model's Mesh and it's Armature in an Animation Render?

I’m currently working on a tutorial and I’ve currently animated the scene camera to zoom in and out on 2 models in the scene in a compassion type manner.
I’m trying to capture the elements of both models with the armature in X-ray mode through the meshes. Of course the scene camera doesn’t capture the armature when rendering an animation. But, I’m wondering if there is a way to make it capture the armature via a setting somewhere?
I could use Camtasia to do this by wrapping the Camtasia screen recorder around the Blender camera, but I’m trying to keep this tutorial as Blender native as I can.


Render -> opengl render animation will capture what you’re viewing in the viewport.

Thanks JA12,

Hmmm, Not seeing a setting that allows me to set this to Opengl rendering in the Render Control Panel. Nor do I see such a setting going through Userpref.

Pressing Space and typing Render then selecting the openGL renderer is producing the same result (no bones/armature seen in render.)

I’m definitely doing something wrong here.

One option is to rebuild the armature as actual geometry, attached to the bones directly.

That option is on the header of the 3d view.

Render menu, at the top