Is there a way to use the Windows clipboard ?


I found some questions about it but so far no answers.

Can anybody give me a hint?


What I do, I open Notepad with full window clipboard capability and the save the file as .py
I open that .py in the Blender, and If any error comes, I don’t change in Blender’s Text window, but in the notepad, save, and in Blender’s Text Editor, reopen.
You can say I use notepad as Python Editor.

You can paste text from Windows clipboard into Blender’s Text Editor with:

Yes KKrawal, that is axactly what I have been doing up till now.
I was just hoping there is a nicer way you know.

I thought maybe there is some 3rd party clipboard ‘‘manager’’ or something like that.


ah !!!

Deaky thank you.

ctrl-shift-C to copy works as well!

In the help menu, there is an hotkeys reference with a search function.
You could enter “clipboard” to get the same answer.

me dummy.

should have looked there.

Notepad++ is well worth a look as an alternative to Notepad, since it syntax highlights python and about a gazillion other languages(you can add your own syntax highlighting scheme if your language of choice isn’t supported - e.g scripting language for insert_game_name_here). It’s free of course, & you can find it here:

with some screen-shots being here:


Thanks very much Simon.