Is there a way...

I am trying to create an animation in which a leather “strap” drapes across an object as it is dragged through space. I have the strap rigged with an armature so as to be able to bend it (required), but in the animation the strap must drag across an object, flexing as it comes into contact. Inset is a quick pic of the gist of what I am trying to do.

When I try soft bodies, the entire structure collapses regardless of it’s vertex weight. When I try rigid bodies, the thing bounces as it comes into contact. What I need it to do is know that it has touched the object and bend around it as it is dragged nice and smoothly. I would rather not do the entire sequence and try to make it look natural by manipulating an armature over frames!


Also… anyone else have problems uploading pics from their computer? I had to sign up for photobucket just to get this image to post :confused:

I think you have to have ten posts before you can upload pics

dunno about specifics , but have you tried a cloth modifier?
it looks like the red thing should be spinning and the leather/ grey thing rolls over it?

maybe use a plane with enough subdivisions, cloth modifier and a solidify modifier to simulate the leather thickness