Is there a work around for these oddities of normal mapping

These are found from my testing of rendering. I am at a loss with out some sort of better control of the normap and bump mapping out put…

Bump mapping, if you record a keyframe the slider of the nor slider at 25.00 and hit render the slider will jump back to 5.00
Test: add mesh, and texture anything, move slider or to 25.00 press i key in the material window, select all mapping hit render look back at material screen it will have jumped back to 5.0

Normal maps: The nor slider activates the normal maps max height at 0.900 not 25.00, so sliding the slider over between .900 - 2500 does nothing and stays at max height.

During animation of a normal maps slider key-framed from least to highest it shows not only the raise of the texture but also an odd sight of a lamp light going across the scene in a upwardly fashion, even when I do not have a light key-framed at all.

These are the files to test.

update, even if I edit the IPO of the nor slider to something higher than 5.00 it will not go and higher. This really pises me off now since that screws over a project I have started :< :< :< :< :< :< :<