Is there an Add on for O3D files?

I don’t know too much about Blender addons. i know how to turn them on and off, but as far as getting new ones or where even to look for them… i’m kind of lost.

but i’m wondering if Blender has an add on for opening .o3d files.
there’s a bunch of files that would be fun to examine and mess with for .o3d and from what i’ve seen people do before is go through the strangest and complicated processes to transform these files into something blender can use. usually having to download several other programs to do this too.

I thought i would cut out the middle man and ask if there was a way to just make blender compatible with these file types x:

Thanks :slight_smile:

What on earth is an O3D file? Hold on let me search it in google

In my case, it is a file used for an MMO.
A group of people once converted the files the hard way and made an entire youtube series called Legends of Roika. however that person died before finishing the first season, but the characters and world are extremely well textured and not only could i mess around with them for fun, but i feel i could also learn alot from them.
They are from an MMO called “Flyff”