Is there an addon that do curve thickness like in 3ds max?

Here an example from 3ds max just go to 0:15 to 0:22 in the video

No addon needed:

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Did you need another circle shape or it’s all from one curve line? I have played with the settings and have a somehow similar way to do it but it’s a lot of steps compare to max where you just tick the box thickness and add the amount of segments you want.

No, I simply added a value to the bevel setting. Note that I have fill mode set to full (should be default).
Edit: the bevel depth value acts as the thickness value in max.

Hi DNorman and thank for your help i got it now and the problem why is what not working is because i was using the flexi draw bezier addon where for some reason it’s not working as expected on default blender curves see here what i mean

Maybe i should warn the author of the addon

EEaCK! yes weird! :slight_smile:

The new version blender 2.91 lets you do all sorts of lovely bevel shapes using a curve graph without having to make an extra object.
Edit 2.91.

Yep i saw that and was able to fix it with it but it need one additional step so i will drop a line at the addon author maybe he can esily fix it.

Thank a bunch have a nice day

I have just seen you are using 2.92 , you should change the bevel option from profile to round.
The Profile option is to use the curve graph I mentioned which by default is flat!
So I think it is not your bevel add-ons fault.

You could be right since i draw another one and now it’s behaving as expected.

Yes sorry in my fist example I was using 2.90.

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IIRC, you can also scale individual curve nodes with alt-S to get an uneven radius.

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