is there an addon that improves the scaling?

it’s becoming a problem rather than a hinderence now, is there any way when you are scaling, that when you press “z” twice (or something like that) it does not scale it in the z axis but only scale on the X+Y axis? i mean, the3d cursor is hard to get it on the spot


Just do scale and shift X to exclude scaling in x axis.
S then SHIFT+X

Press S, them Shift+Z
You can do the same with Gizmo: hold shift, then move the blue gizmo handle.

Damn, too slow!

And btw, double pressing an axis (xx/yy/zz) will cause the transformation to happen on an alternate orientation ‘source’ as opposed to the global axis.

You can change that alternate transformation orientation in the 3d view header next to the show/hide manipulator button. You can switch from view-plane/normal/local etc.

Hold shift BEFORE grabbing the handle. Good grief I never knew that. I knew there should have been a way. It’s amazing how many little tricks I continue to learn in this app after all these years.

Thanks for the tip.


Hi there here’s a related newbie question.

In the same way as using shift before grabbing the handles, is there a switch (like photoshop’s “constrain proportions”) so I can enter a numerical figure in dimensions or scale to get a more accurate resizing?

thanks z

Hit the N key in the 3d view to get the properties panel on the right side. You can enter exact numerical values for dimensions there.