Is there an addon to manually edit an 'studio' HDRI within Blender?

Hey guys,
Im working in Keyshot on a product viz, and it has a awesome feature. WHen I load an studio HDRI (just black with white areas)… Keyshot allows me to drag the white areas around in the HDRI, so you have manual control over the relflections on the model. (it’s updated in realtime in the viewport) This is EXTREMELY usefull and I was wondering if there’s an addon for Blender that allows me do to this?

I did find this addon: HDR-ProStudio for Blender 2.8, but it doesnt seem to be available anymore… :frowning:

There is LeoMoon Light Studio
and the Github Link.…up to 2.8x ( just tested in 2.83LTS)

The actual HDRI Editors…have gone commercial and are way up there in Price though a great looking product!
and this is on my X-Mas list for 2021…

links in the description…
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Thank you so much for your reply @RSEhlers… that first one is looking good so’ll try it out

HDRI maker is the one I also found…but I didnt find the functionality to edit the HDRI lighting points so im not sure about that one

thanks again!

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