Is there an alternative to this program?

It’s called “atomic microscope” (original huh), which is supposed to be a realtime atomic kinetics simulator.

Im wondering if there is an Open Source alternative to this program.

Does anyone know?

ive never heard of the thing but it is cool

oh this is some kind of molecular represanative. I remember that there was some open source program that I could download to linux through the apt program it have (sorry i forgot the name of those programs). maybe if you look for a linux one, it would give you a link to a window version or something.

I know the program you are reffering to, but that program is a massively parallel molecular systems simulator, which makes more complex calculations and is therefore not able to produce realtime interactive representations (at least not on single PC hardware).

Im looking for a “realtime atomic kinetics simulator”, which is what “atomic microscope” is, but im looking for an open source alternative.


I guess there is no open source alternative?

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Lol, I guess so.

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