Is there an animation key for color or model?

I have a person that is a sold object and I want to move his arm. Is there a locRot style key for that. Also if I want to change the color in my animation is there a key for that too?

to move specific parts of your mesh, you will have to learn rigging. i am a horrible rigger (its a difficult aspect of 3D graphics) and never had the patience to do any REAL tutorials. use google or hopefully someone else will push you in the right direction.

for color changing: yes! i am assuming you are using 2.49, if not, let me know. in the materials panel, press ā€œIā€ to bring up the insert key menu, and press color. its the same as using any other key, so if you know basic Loc rot scale etc. you should be good to go.

Thanks so much this will help out a lot