Is there an audio editor built into blender like the video editor?

I haven’t found one yet, but is there any tool in Blender to record audio from a microphone or keyboard (Synthesizer keyboard, not computer keyboard) or other audio-input devices? I’m planning on transferring over to Blender from Pinnacle Studio (which is mostly broken, and they charge you to even THINK about contacting customer support over there) and the main thing that seems to be missing in Blender that I used all the time in Pinnacle is the ability to record a voiceover or similar audio while previewing a video, so it synchronizes with the action.

There is no sound editor built into Blender. However you may use Audacity to produce your sound files while playing your video. Audacity is an open source program with a lot of sound studio capabilities.

The resulting audio files can be imported as strips into Blenders sequence editor and synched with the video files…