Is there an easy way to do a loopcut like this?

I’m trying to do a loopcut like the pic below,i tried inset face but it takes up too many faces and loopcut just cuts off at the edge.

I’m trying to make a single loop that runs along that edge for clean subdivision modeling.

in 2 steps
add loop across cylinder then extrude the needed faces!

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Thanks,but i am stuck with another problem now.

The new faces go all over the place when extruded.

I tried scaling them with alt+S as well as extruding them with alt+E regional and selected bit it still doesn’t work.

Is there a way to scale them all inwards without messing up the topology/geometry?

I think i found a way,how do i set an ‘individual’ origin point’ for each face?

I think this might be what i am looking for:

Didn’t work.

I guess in a simple way,i have a problem with edge flow.

this shoudl be easy to do !

make a cylinder then extrde one end
select inside loop at end and extrude inward
then select needed faces an extrude - could use normal here

then remove 2 face then redo face at base

i can make dwg to show step but this is too easy
it should work in 2 minutes max !


see dwg here

is it what you want ?

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It seems we aren’t thinking of the same thing.


Those links are spot on with the problem i am having,thanks.

did you look at my little dwg
what is confusing ?

again there may be more then on way to do it


Sorry,read the edited reply.

is it logical and simple
no more headhaches ? LOL

there is more then on way to do things
you have to find the one that is simple and quick
i know you wanted to make a weird loop cut
but is it no really practical in this case
so i gave you an equivalent way which is very simple!


Not practical?

It’s a must when using the subsurf modifier.

Still a few headaches,i’m trying @Sanctuary solution currently in the second link.

BTW for some reason the site keeps logging me out right after logging me in.

i woudl say don’t start with subsurf
do your rough shape with no suburf then add subsurf and add necessary extra loops to shape it as you want
or may be add bevel where required

in any case subsurf is nice to get rounded shape but not necessary in all cases and all the time!

also subsurf may require to add weight control for crease ect…

i don’t like subsurf for precision work
there are enough tools right now to do it without subsurf
agree it is more complicated to do but it can be done!

anyway let us know where you are and show us some pics so we can follow you

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Well i just want smooth rounded edges,having sharp edges makes things look fake.

Anyway it’s almost 3AM here so going to bed,will try and watch a few weapon modelling videos later (since they usually have the smooth edges i want)

Thanks for the help and happy bl


As richyblender suggests!
I would add this on the workaround:
Inset tool.
Not particularly for this case (it will work though) but for other more complicated cases too.
ALT+extrude or S or anything similar, it may work it may not.
I (inset) is another multi extrude tool I can trust. Unfortunately, not always. There’s a small limitation somewhere.