Is there an easy way to find missed vertices?

I was making a hand armature, (first time trying) and when I got all the bones assigned to the groups I wanted (using the gingerbread man procedure… I havnt figured out weight painting yet)

anyway, when I got it ready to do a pose. I found that I missed a couple of vertices in between the fingers. Not hard to fix, but I was wondering if there was an easy way to display all vertices of an object that have NOT been assigned to a bone/armature/vertex group?

This would be a nice Feature Request; “Select All Groups” in the Vertex Groups panel. All you can do now is cycle thru the groups and hit ‘Select’ on each one.


Move the root of the rig around in pose mode. The unassigned verts will show like spikes.

Or ‘select ungrouped’


That’s how I found the ones I missed…

select ungrouped?? I’ll give that a try.


No, there is no “Select Ungrouped”. Letterip was suggesting a better name for my suggestion “Select All Groups”.


Thanks Fligh %, that saves me from a fruitless search through the buttons!

Choose your vertex group, hit “Select” then in the menu, choose “Inverse”. Now you have everything selected except the group you chose.

On a different but related note, a wonderful new feature in 2.4 lets you mouse over faces in weight paint mode, hit Shift-LMB and see a list of vertex groups that face belongs to. This is handy when you find one vertex that apparently refuses to play the game and it turns out it’s also been accidentally added to a group far from the one it should be in (easy to do when carelesly weight-painting).