Is there an easy way to get a PBR texture to look different based on position?

I have a scene with a bunch of rigid-body cubes. And I want them to share the same texture, without it looking tiled. So i was wondering if there was a good set-up for this, or a node I missed.

Here is a prototype render, with some basic shapes:

Also, some material suggestions would be much appreciated! I kinda just threw whatever I had in my pbr library in there.

How about giving it a random location like so? The one in the middle is vector math node.


Poliigon has created a node specially for this case. You can learn how to use it (and others tips that can help you for your problem) on that video :


Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to check the vid out.

Yes! this worked amazing for what I needed. That’s a trick I’ll remember for future projects, thank you!