is there an easy way to repeat a complex IPO only 5 times

I hope someone can help a newbee out.I am working on my first test project and i’m stuck.I have a complex IPO curve that starts at frame 100 and goes to frame 125. I need it to repeat only 5 times ending some place around 250. All the Extended Mode features go over board and make things happen before and after my range. is there some other way to accomplish this??


select the ipo curve, tab to edit it, shift-d to copy it, g-key 25 …

By pressing g and typing the amount you want it will grab the duplicated(selected) exactly where you want.

If this can help …

Isn’t that what the Action Editor does? Loops IPOs?

This site has a bunch of great tuts for newbies, and this tutorial should solve your problem.

Interesting. In the IPO screen shift-d does not copy the ipo no matter what i do. So i guess will got check out that tutorial link.

thanks everyone.

That could only mean the IPO’s are not selected. When you select an
IPO curve, then hit TAB to enter the curve edit mode, try pressing the
A key a few times to make sure everything is selected. Only then will
Shift + D will duplicate everything that is selected. But,
sometimes it looks like nothing happened because the duplicates
are in the exact same place as the original, so you have to move
them. If it is not grabbing them automatically after duplicating, press
G for grab.

Note: You can select multiple IPO curves and enter edit mode for
them simultaneously.

I hope this helps explain things better.

If it is still not working, you might want to get a new keyboard.