Is there an easy way to sharpen subd edges?

When I turn on subds, even the edges that I want to have with sharp angles go smooth. That’s when I use the catmull-clarke subd. When I use simple subd, it looks a bit better at the bits I want sharp edges but the model goes blocky.

So, I was wondering if I could use catmull-clarke but specify the amount of smoothing that occurs at certain edges like maybe a crease factor. The only way I’ve been able to make sharp edges is by making extra edges close to the ones I want sharp but even then there is some smoothing.

Also, I tried out the autosmooth feature and it doesn’t make any difference. Although the angle is set at 30, the 90 degree corners are still smoothed out.

I think you’ll just have to try the edge-trick until weighted creases are supported in Blender. You can put edges on top of eachother to get them very sharp.
Select the edges you want to be sharp.
Extrude, but immediately press Esc.

Some progress:

(Sorry for my English :expressionless: )

Thanks, I’ll try the extrude thing. I’ll have problems when I click the remove doubles button when I do other operations. Maybe I’ll leave the edge creasing til last.

I usually use the Control-R function in Edit mode and position an additional line 99% or 01% close to the edge.

God - I really don’t know the proper terminology of this stuff otherwise I would make so much more sense right now. :expressionless:

This means you would not have trouble with the Remove Doubles function.

Of course you could always use Extrude and more it a fraction away from the original edge (a very small fraction). Then you also wouldn’t have trouble with Remove Doubles.


The extrude doesn’t work because it’s a triangular edge. When I extrude, the edge messes up. I did get round this by extruding the faces on one side of the edge and that worked. But since this had the problem with the remove doubles, I just used Caleb’s method and that did the job, thanks.

there is a bf-blender build with weighted creases available. check this out:

using a shortcut (which is mentioned in the post) you can choose any value from no crease to full crease.

have fun


Do you mean that there is a way to do the creasing using the Blender I have now? I saw a patch at that post but the link didn’t work. I’m not sure I want a different Blender version unless it’s official because I read the other users’ posts and they say the zooming is a bit messed up in the version where subd creasing works.

If you can do it using the current version of Blender (I assume that’s what you meant by shortcut), could you post here how to do it?

you can cut an edge close to the one you want to be sharp. it doesn’t have to be right on top of it.

If the edge includes a complete poly loop, take a look at face loop cut under the KKey menu. A couple of these will stiffen an edge pretty well against several degrees of subdiv, unless you need it to be very sharp.


Wow… this is so nice to realize that I do same thing as everyone else does… weehee… and I thought I just didn’t know a proper way! :stuck_out_tongue:


i don’t know which version you have, but the creased sub-d feaure is available only in that particular bf-build (yea link is dead, but it’s explained in the post how to get it). whatever others say, why not give it a try anyway? even the zoom-thingy is something you can get used to - it’s like scaling an object.

I think the build is Windows only, though. I use Mac OS X. I don’t really want to get used to another zoom feature anyway, my linear mouse zoom is something I couldn’t do without. They’re not going to officially change it are they?

In the current CVS (and eventually 2.34) there are 3 zoom options in user prefs: ‘Continue’ (old-skool), ‘Dolly’ (linear, zoom goes back and forwards with the mouse movement back and forwards), or ‘Scale’ (based on the position of the mouse pointer relative to the center of the screen).

is there a way to bevel edges like in wings? (bevel vertices would be cool too.)

no, only all the edges in the mesh

[bevel command, in specials (w key) menu ]

I thought W key was Boolean Operations? From what I see Bevel doesn’t have a hotkey… so the only is to get it from Spacebar menu thing. Or is just me? I mean, I haven’t modefied any features or hotkeys…


WKey in object mode is boolean. WKey in edit mode is Specials (like subdivide, remove doubles, bevel, etc)

:expressionless: I got p0wned… lol Well, at least now I know! heh