Is there an equivalent to F12 for rendering on a Mac

Is there a keyboard shortcut to get Blender to render when using a Mac? I’m using a Macbook Air and tried F12, Alt-F12, Command F12 and any other combinations I could think of.

Yes I know that we can go into key remapping, but I’m not looking for a specific instance, I need a general rule for students I may be teaching.

Is there not a Fn key on your keyboard so render would be Fn+F12 or in System Preferences / Keyboard select the
‘Use all F1 etc keys as standard function keys’ (OSX Lion but the option is there for previous versions)
or easiest way just press the Render Image button

I don’t have a macbook Air so I’m not sure of the keyboard config but…

If you’re like me and uses the F1 to F12 for your media shortcuts, screen luminescence, dashboard etc. You could have a hard time selecting the ‘‘F’’ keys for specific Apps. On every Mac keyboard (that I know of) there is a ‘‘fn’’ key. Press fn + F12 in blender and you should have a rendered image.

When I press fn + F12 I get a calculator, a calendar, a clock and some other box. I haven’t made any changes to the standard Snow Leopard setup that came on the computer.

By default on the newer macs, the function keys run apple-specific macros (pause/play itunes, for instance). If you intend to use extensive hotkeys in ANY app, I strongly suggest you turn all that stuff off immediately. Go into system prefs --> Keyboard and check the box that reads “Use all F1, F2, etc keys as standard function keys”


Thanks. I’ll check that out.