Is there an event spacehandler for the fileBrowser window in blender 2.49b?

Is there an event spacehandler for the fileBrowser window in blender 2.49b?

I would like to have certain functionality when the user clicks on an image in the ImageSelector window.

Is it possible to define my own routine for user actions in the ImageBrowser window in blender 2.49b???


Hi there!

Crouch’ script about visualizing verts indices uses # SPACEHANDLER.VIEW3D.DRAW… Here is a link to his page of more info and explanations. Window types are given here. Sooooo… taking the logic of Crouch’ script, you can use at your first row (I havent tried this yet) # SPACEHANDLER.IMASEL.DRAW followed by actions you’d like to be performed in the Image Selector window (ONLY) each time it is redrawn and at after the redraw! :spin:


Thanks for your reply. I already tried what you mentioned above and it didn’t work, for some odd reason the script is not getting registered as a spacehandler.

I was trying to control the behavior of the default space handler in the image selector window because the default one was generating a lot of rubbish printing statments on my console to a point my console would print " more than 500 log messages per second, the remaining messages will be discarded". And this would crash blender.

What I found out that the DOT files when shown are cozing all this problem. once I hid the DOT files and start browsing my application continued to work probably, but still the console will have tons of messages generated from blender which i don’t know where they are coming from. since I looked at the source code and there was not even one printing statement in the imageSelector section in the window.c