Is there an Exit Warning of some sort?

I have set my render window as the image editor instead of a new render window and in doing so i noticed something.

blender gives you no warnings if you just close it.

im so used to clicking the X on the render window when im done looking at it but now i just end up closing blender itself.

i can use restore last session which works fairly well… but i was wondering if there was maybe an option somewhere that would enable a warning box

“your file has unsaved data… are you sure you want to close?”

not that its entirely important… ill stop making the foolish mistake soon enough… just wondered if there was an option or something i had missed.

When the render is done in the UV Image editor you will be able to use Blender again. IF you quit and don’t want to, go to your /tmp/ folder and find quit.blend. It auto saves every single time you quit, but will overwrite every time. Meaning it only saves you last quit, nothing else.

The other day I accidently quit blender (I’m not even sure what key combination did it) and when I went to restore session I had lost about 5 minutes of work. Not a huge loss, but frustrating.

I don’t know python at all, but would it be hard to write a script that gives a closing warning?


I have often wished for the same thin, but have grown use to the fact that there isn’t a warning, so it is up to me. As for the render window - at the bottom of the Output panel (Render Buttons), there is a small grid of 9 un-labeled icons. These tell blender where to place the render window - the default position is in the upper right corner which will place the exit button of the render window directly over the exit button for Blender. If you change the position of the render window, it will prevent the situation where you are trying to close the render window, and, being a bit impatient or to quick to click, accidentally closing Blender and losing some work.

Best of Luck!

Thanks all for the tips.

gaTTaTTak: Re the loosing of 5 minutes. When you open blender the main menu is in fact a header on a small window. if you resize the window so its larger (pull down between the menu and the 3d view) you will see all of blenders options etc… one of them is Auto save. and that appears to have a setting for the frequency of autosaves. you can set it as low as 1 minute and as high as 60.

when blender exits, it saves a quit.blend. see user manual.

user manual is great where applicable :wink:

Thanks guys. I have actually set it to autosave every 5 minutes and it keeps 10 copies (I guess I lost just under 5 mins work). This is enough avoid any huge frustrations. I’ll have to look into this quit.blend though.

Blender really, really needs this feature. It seems like it would be such a simple thing, too. Is there an official “feature request” form somewhere?

I don´t know if this is the right place for this, but I was looking for ways to turn on the exit warning and ended up in this thread, so I thougth I should register to ask for this very important feature.

I use two monitors here with a tablet. I spent the whole day doing simulation tests and when I went to close the render window, there went the blender window withouth asking. I opened blender and went to change the firefox window and ended up closing the blender window again (because of the tablet precision). So… I lost all my work and no quit.blend would help.

I know it is my fault for not having saved, but it was a mistake to close the window that I would never expect to make me loose my work. Crashes ok, but one simple accidental click? It may not happen at all with the programmers, but happen with a lot of people like me. One simple option in the preferences “activate exit warning” would probably save many lives and would not bother those who don´t like these kind of anoyance.

So I ask the programmers; please, please, please, give us this option in another release. I really like blender and find it very impressive, but this is quite a big problem for me. Users will make mistakes. If it is easy to make those mistakes more difficult to happen, why not do it?

Anyway, sorry for any mistakes in my english and thank you for the attention.

(was searching the forums to find a way to enable the non-existing ‘are you sure you want to quit’ function)

Okay, yes, this is WEIRD (at least) I lost my beginners tutorial this way…

Resolving to the quit.blend is nothing more than a dirty hack in my opinion (original invented in case of a crash? :wink: ), but happy to read about it…

Got a lot to learn, but love blender :slight_smile:


LOL this feature is still #1 at, and I suspect it may be added by version 7.4 :rolleyes:.

i know that the “plumifero” version has a warning before exiting. so it is possible to have in in the official BF releases…

EDIT: sorry, i meant “plumiferos”