Is there an instant Clay Render Option in Blender 2..9?

Hey guys, i was just wondering if there is like an instant CLAY RENDER where you just click a checkbox and then click render to make a Clay render of a scene?

Instead of the select all and select a default object with a gray material and clicking CTRL L and copy material?

No, there’s no such thing (to the best of my knowledge). I’d use it though, especially if one could tweak the clay material and the light setup for it.

that would be nice. even if they could just give the matcap view a Render version.

For that you could render the viewport -

Why this is in the view menu is beyond me.

This is only possible in Cycles, but you can create a clay material, and in the View Layer Properties you can set that material to override all other materials (without actually assigning it)



Isn’t a workbench render, what you are looking for? if you set the render engine to “workbench” it just renders a matcap or studio material, depending on your settings.

Screenshot from 2021-03-21 07-54-50

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